Football with JP

I'm sitting in a hospital room at Cincinnati Children's hospital. I arrived yesterday to receive I.V. antibiotics since my CMV numbers have gone up quite a bit:

That's actually higher that it was when I was hospitilized this summer, so it's probably a good thing I am here. Anyway, the plan is for me to receive the medication through Friday and during that time they'll monitor my electrolytes (this stuff can be hard on your kidneys). If everything looks good they'll send me home with the PICC line and I'll continue to get the medicine at home until the CMV is down to zero.

I was texting my brother-in-law Ben yesterday and when I mentioned that I was gaining weight (10 lbs in about a month to be exact), he said “You're gonna be the next all American tackle at OU.” That's actually a really good goal…and JP will be the quarterback..and the field will be our backyard! I started to think about my recent time in the hospital, and then about this looming bone marrow transplant which will land me in a hospital room for at least 3 months, during which time I won't be able to see JP. It would be easy to get discouraged as those thoughts begin to roll in, but now I am replacing them with some others. Football with JP, family devotions by the fire place, watching my son grow, precious time with my wife, teaching JP to play ping pong, the blessing of worshiping with my church family…the list could go on.

Our gracious God has blessed me with so much, and his greatest gift is Jesus Christ. He lived and died and rose and reigns. What shall I fear? And his life, death and resurrection brought salvation which lasts forever; what is this life except for a vapor in the wind? Yet even so, he has chosen give good gifts in this life as well, and I for one too often take those gifts for granted. There is nothing that can happen to me apart from his sovereign, good purposes; and no gift do I receive that is not from his own kindness. I shall not fear and I shall not want.

So…as I enter into this journey in life, my heart is full of joy. Christ is mine, and I am his and there is no safer place than this. Not to mention, no matter what happens I have this little guy waiting for me:

So yes, I will continue to go to the hospital when I need to, consume 4000 calories a day and I will endure this upcoming bone marrow transplant with joy. For at the end of it all I am looking to one very worthy goal indeed: football with JP.


3 comments on “Football with JP

  1. Joy says:

    A wonderful goal indeed!

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