Teacher Fired for Giving Student Bible


Teacher Fired for Giving Student Bible | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes.

When I read stuff like this its hard to believe that in my lifetime we said prayers over the intercom and recited the “Golden Rule” every day in class. Now, a substitute teacher who gives a Bible to a student who asked for it is fired. Or a pastor who would presume to preach God’s truth regarding marriage is shunned. America is making it clear that citizens who wear their faith on their sleeve, would dare to attempt to unite faith and practice, or would hold to the truth of God’s Word despite the prevailing public opinion will be ostracized. It seems tolerance is a one way street.

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One comment on “Teacher Fired for Giving Student Bible

  1. Dave Wallisch says:

    This teacher is too honorable, too caring & too faithful to be in no-standard, uncaring school like that – he is better off out of that environment, although Lord knows, that school can use a man of God like that!

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