What About Santa Claus?

English: Photo of Jonathan G. Meath portraying...

English: Photo of Jonathan G. Meath portraying Santa Claus. Date approximate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What should Christians think about Santa? Should we give up the Santa Clause thing? Before we answer such questions perhaps we should know the real story behind the red suit. For example, did you know that Santa was capable of this:

Arius was given plenty of time to articulate his views downgrading the greatness of Jesus. What happened next is told by the Athenian monk Damaskinos:

The emperor was sitting on his throne, flanked by 159 bishops to his left and 159 to his right. Arian was presenting his views with great vigor and detail. As Saint Nicholas observed the scene, the bishops listened to Arius in complete silence and without interrupting this discourse. Outraged, and prompted by his saintly vigor, he left his seat and walked up to Arius, faced him squarely and slapped his face.

St. Nick was a real individual, who helped others and love Jesus. He even confronted heretics and was tortured for his faith. Perhaps we can redeem the secularization of Santa for the glory of God. Read more here:

via Top 5 Christmas Clichés – Does Santa Claus Really Matter? | Parchment and Pen.

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