Sunago: Obama worship, Chinese Newspaper Confusion, Ebook, Should Al Mohler Step Down?, Safety from Apocalypse…for a small fee; Follow the Pope…on Twitter; and John Calvin..the Missionary?


Soon – a – Go, from the Greek word meaning “gather together” or “compile” is an every so often round up of interesting articles and deals I’ve come across, usually within the past week or two.

  • Kim Jong Un, Sexiest man Alive: The Onion, in one of its satirical pieces, named North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un the Sexiest Man Alive. A Chines paper, however, didn’t realize it was a joke, and put out a report congratulating him. Won’t be the first time the Onion has caused a stir.
  • Featured Ebook: The Need for Grace Does Away with Free Will Altogether. For 1.85 at
  • Al Mohler Called to Step Down: In a recent article over at, Bob Hadley has asked Al Mohler to step down in order to heal division in the SBC. Is this really the way to move forward? You can find my interaction with the author in the previous post. (Be sure to read the comments for clarification on both our parts).
  • Apocalypse Soon: For safety from impending apocalypse, rent a home here. Apparently the aliens will rescue you.
  • Calvin the Missionary: Over at the gospel coalition blog, my friend John Starke has written an important article on Calvin’s zeal for missions. One of the most common critiques of Calvinism is that it is incompatible with evangelism. Is this true? Read the article.
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