Weekly Round Up Nov. 13: Marriage, Religious Freedom, Alcohol, Free Pdf’s, and the Hobbit Soundtrack

Should we abandon fight for marriage? – Patrick Schreiner discusses an interesting and thought provoking article concerning the marriage battle, which ponders whether it should be abandoned in light of recent defeats

Obama already narrowing religious freedom – Obama administrations responds to Hobby Lobby suit with some telling statements. Apparently, once you open a “secular” business, all your religious freedom goes out the window!

Is this the end of America? – Here is a helpful article in light of the recent election by our friends over at the Credo House.

The Bible and Alcohol – And again from the Credo House, yet absolutely unrelated, is the helpful and balanced article regarding the Biblical view of alcohol.

Free Spurgeon PDF – From our friends at Monergism.com Who cares what it is..it’s by Spurgeon!

Another Free Pdf – Again from our friends at Monergism: “The Practical Implications of Calvinism” by Albert N. Margin

Finally, listen to the complete Hobbit soundtrack here!

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