Weekly Round-Up

Tragedy of Abortion: Tragic story about a man and wife who lost their way. Rather than praise God for the gift and wonder of life (3 lives), they decided to take life instead. Instead of rejoicing over the blessing of triplets, they sacrificed the wonder and sanctity of life on the altar of convenience. What makes this even more tragic is that in our culture of death many would actually laud the decision, yet as you can see this man does not; it is something he will live with for the rest of his life.

Dever on Christianity and Politics: A sermon by Mark Dever on Christianity and politics called “Jesus Paid Taxes.” It has been described as “the best sermon I know on Christianity and government” and a “biblical theology of Christians and the state.” In light of the upcoming elections, I’d say it’s worth a listen!

Planet of the Apes? Interesting article on the recent successful experiment which involves increasing the brain function of apes. The idea is to eventually use such technology on humans. Interestingly, from a Darwinian perspective, this has already happened naturally millions of years ago, although the evidence for this is nill. Anyway, pretty sure this reminds me of a movie I saw recently.

The Pastor and Politics: “Jesus cares little for our political opinions and affiliation.” I think I understand what is being said here, but I wonder if this is actually true. In light of the issues at stake, I would say Jesus is very interested in our “political” opinions. Also, I wonder if the statement “Jesus takes us as we are” is not often misconstrued. Indeed Jesus has come to seek and save the lost. But note, he came to save the lost, and to call lost sinners to repent. Indeed, he grants a new heart and transforms our lives.

Politics – According to the Bible: Wayne Grudem‘s “Politics According to the Bible” for $4.99 on Kindle. Once a week I’ll be posing weekly blog posts, news items, and kindle deals I have found interesting or helpful, each accompanied by a short description.

Rachel Held Evans on the Today Show: Rachel Held Evans‘ book A Year of Biblical Womanhood has caused quite a stir in the evangelical community and beyond. While I intend to read the book at some point, a few observations can be made just from this interview. First, the project is perhaps a bit misleading. In following the “rules” of the Bible every time it references women in a wooden literal fashion, she is actually not doing what it says. For example, when she praises her husband at the gate, that’s actually not what the passage in question is talking about. The same is true with her spending time on the roof of a house. The context is actually ignored thus misrepresenting what the text actually says. I’ll have to read the book to see if this is true elsewhere. Second, she seems to indicate that there is a popular movement that follows what she attempts to do in the book. I am aware of no such movement. The idea probably stems from the use of the phrase “biblical womanhood,” but of course no one means by that what she seems to indicate. Rachel will appear on The View tomorrow, so if your interested in what develops tune in. I’m sure I’ll have more to say in coming months. See here for a recent response by Denny Burk.

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